One Trekking Pole or Two

One Trekking Pole or Two, Which Is Better?

Hiking poles are a pure lifesaver (sometimes quite literally!). They save your legs and knees and keep your balance. But can you hike with one trekking pole? And which is better, hiking with one trekking … Read more

best leggings for hiking with pockets

Best Hiking Leggings with Pockets

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Hiking in Converse

Hiking in Converse, How Bad Is It Really?

So you’re wondering if you can go hiking in Converse shoes. And when I say Converse shoes, I mean Chuck Taylors, the same shoes that were invented in 1922 for basketball players and hasn’t changed … Read more

is hiking a sport

Is Hiking a Sport? No, Here’s Why

Some people ask if hiking is a sport. To me, the answer is no, but I can understand why some people might ask this question. After all, there are other similar sports like mountain biking … Read more

Hiking in running shoes

Can You Hike in Running Shoes?

Hiking in running shoes, how bad can it be? I get why someone might wonder if it’s okay to go hiking in running shoes or even hike in every day sneakers. Maybe you don’t hike … Read more